Killing it on a crazy day πŸ’₯

Welcome to my website and welcome to my first blog. Please enjoy everything on this website. I want you to know that I am passionate about helping others. Let me know what you think.


πŸš’Today started out rough. I only got four hours sleep last night, and had to be at work this morning at 5:30 to relieve the firefighter who had to catch a flight for his vacation. Surprisingly, I had a ton of energy when I got to the firehouse, so I decided to do my morning cardio. It felt great because I was able to sweat and keep the intensity high the entire time. I love that feeling! The morning boost began to wear off, and by about 10 and wondering how I was going to pick up my energy to get my delts and chest trained today. Halfway through the day I started negotiating with myself that I could do it on my rest day, or not it all 😑.
I am less than 7 weeks out from my next show and I have to be ON every workout! I love this sport because of all the physical as well as mental curveballs you have to handle. Everything goes into the strategy of bodybuilding. The lack of sleep sometimes makes it challenging. It’s definitely an X factor. The other girls have to deal with it too because the girls in my age group (50’s menopausal) have problems sleeping, so it just depends on how well I can handle the entire equation. You can really go down hill if you allow your mind to take you there. You have to make a conscious decision to snap out of it and focus on your goals.
As always, we were busy running errands and running calls today at the firehouse. I have to remind myself, I love my job because it has always been my dream! Where else can you find a job that you can work out and have your own gym on duty?
Once I was able to get in the gym I shifted my attitude around. In the past, I would have let the lack of sleep get to me, but not today. I feel like it makes me stronger when I have a day like today, because like I said before, it’s the entire equation that wins the show. Everything with the X factors included combine to produce your result on stage! Consistency is the key. No excuses. Just do it!
My workout was great and I got it done in less than an hour as I planned. I was even able to eat dinner with the guys. Of course I cannot eat what they are eating right now, but it was nice to be able to sit down with them on time. That is always my goal when I am here at work. My crew likes it also when I present for meals, after all we are a team.
All in all, today was a success. I will sleep well tonight, barring we don’t have too many runs after midnight. If we do we do. I love this job even when we’re busy at night, after all, it’s what I signed up for! πŸš’

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