Heavy weight + horrible form =…….

Heavy weight + horrible form =

1. Inability to target muscles and groups you’re looking to build

2. A heightened probability of (possibly catastrophic) injury

3. Reduced results along with a poor example for others

4. Loss of concentration and effectiveness of your workout

5. An overall waste of time
The moral? Lighten your weight by 20% of what you think you should be using, look in the mirror if possible (and practical) and CONCENTRATE on the correct form for your excercise. You’ll be surprised how heavy the weight feels if the form is immaculate.

The great jazz drummer Joe Morello was asked once if practice made perfect, and his reply was: “No, PERFECT practice makes perfect.”

Remember his mantra for your next workout… And all those after.

In the video I had to lighten the weight to be able to achieve full range of motion without compromising form. Sometimes it’s just an ego thing.

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