“Gray Zone” Helpers

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With the holidays approaching it is predictable that it will be a challenging time. I also called these “gray zone helpers”. The gray zone is when you are outside of the boundaries of the “Black & White Zone”. The “black and white zone” is where you have made permanent lifestyle changes that make it so that it’s not a challenge on a daily basis. However, it’s inevitable that you will be faced with challenges outside of your black and white zone. You will be forced to make decisions as to how to make it work in the gray zone. For some people, like myself, it is after a contest prep and being faced with making smart decisions that aren’t on the rigid contest prep diet.
Making the wrong decisions can really throw your body into a dysfunctional hormonal existence. It’s best to have a plan.

Here are a few suggestions to survive these events/parties and even every day situations where you find yourself in a “gray zone”.
1)Pre-log into My Fitness Pal what you think you may have. Don’t hesitate to log in the things you crave & watch the portion sizes. Be accountable ahead of time. This will help you later when you get to the event.

2)While in conversations focus on the COMPANY YOU KEEP not the food you eat. While in conversation focus on keeping your eyes “SHOULDERS UP” !
Focus on looking above the shoulders in conversation at parties. Don’t focus on food on other people’s plates or the food table.

3)Cucumbers & zucchini are your friends: Great fiber and are loaded with lots of water to keep you full. You can eat as much of these as you want because they have a ton of fiber and water and very little calories. Also super low carbs.

4)Eat a ton of veggies & keep hydrating high at the event. This will keep you full with fiber and hydration.

5)Cut back on carbs & fat throughout the day of an event to allow yourself food that you may want to try IN MODERATION at the event.

6)Do cardio &/or weight with intensity the morning of the event. Keep your body functioning and revved up for the day to come.

7)If you have the option be in the decision making process in terms of where to meet, choose a place that offers many healthy “clean” options that you know FOR SURE will have great options for you.

8)Alcohol: choose to take the night off by offering to be the DESIGNATED DRIVER.
9)Consider a wine spritzer instead of full glass of wine.
Limit cocktails to 1. Cocktails are filled with loads of sugar & empty calories. Alcohol also inhibits muscle growth in large amounts. It’s just not good.

10)Picture that plate filled with cookies & cupcakes as a plate filled with mounds of granulated sugar, salt & crisco. Sometimes you just need a visual to get you away from that plate. I find that after about 20 to 30 seconds of visualizing it this way I don’t have an attraction to it anymore. Try it.

11)Think of food as a medication. You can only consume what is prescribed at the prescribed time. If you don’t consume it at the planned time your body will revolt. If you eat food that is outside your plan your hormones will revolt & cause you to eat more.


2 thoughts on ““Gray Zone” Helpers

  1. Finally checking out your page and so glad that I did! I’m really going to focus on keeping my eye shoulders up along with some of the other tricks of the trade that you have shared thank you so much.


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