Make your food interesting and fun!


Wild AK salmon on quinoa with asparagus, fennel and red bell pepper. Basil, dill and lime.  Personally, I absolutely love the fennel idea. It just makes your taste buds come alive! Nice job Chef Katherine.


4 thoughts on “Make your food interesting and fun!

  1. According to Rebecca Katz, author of the Longevity Kitchen, asparagus and fennel are nutrient rich, healing foods. They are anti- inflammatory and offer digestive support. I love finding ways to incorporate them into my meals. Fennel is available all year long but asparagus is a spring vegetable and needs to be enjoyed while its available ( and affordable!) Add any fresh herb and some citrus To brighten anything up- mint and basil are especially tasty and healthy for you. Happy cooking!

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  2. In the Longevity Cookbook, Rebecca Katz writes about the health benefits of various foods. Asparagus and fennel offer high levels of anti-oxidants and digestive support. Fennel can be found pretty much all year but asparagus is a spring vegetable and needs to be consumed while available (and affordable!). Adding fresh herbs such as basil and mint and a hit of lemon or lime juice adds nutrition and brightness to just about any meal. Enjoy!


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