Is your hair holding you back from your daily #lifestyle and you don’t even know it? Consider Sisterlocs!
Your body will thank you because you would be all natural. You spend so much time eating right, exercising and not putting toxins in your body why would one continue to relax their hair. I had to wrap my head around this for years, and when I made the transition/commitment I felt so much better. It is so freeing and liberating! There is nothing you have to do with this hairstyle. Seriously it is so easy, clean and people always complement it. There are so many ways to style it. The funniest thing is I thought I would miss combing and brushing my hair and I so don’t miss that!
It felt great to throw away a box products, brushes, combs, and #hair crap. My husband thought it was really funny. Actually he’s the one that talked me into doing it.
I never cared for the look of dreadlocks but when I was on a plane one time this flight attendant had Sisterlocs and it looked just like regular hair because they were so small. That planted the seed in my head forever and I just kept thinking about how flowing and natural it looked. It didn’t look like the crappy dirty stinky #dreadlocks.
It took me three freaking years to decide to do it. I wish I had decided way sooner like when I was in my 20s.

I think about all the time and money I spent on extensions, wigs, relaxers, and hot curling iron’s to only damage my hair and scalp to obtain a certain look for about a month, sometimes less; and I really appreciate not having to do that stuff anymore. Especially when it comes to show! It is super easy and I just couldn’t do anything with it! It’s not hot like a wig and I don’t have to sit under somebody’s hands for three or four hours to get it done. Just for the one reason alone: SAVING TIME IN MY DAILY #ROUTINE. #Sisterlocs have definitely changed my lifestyle.
I can go to the gym and sweat my ass off come home, wash my hair and go. With my relaxers and #perms and flat iron hair I could never do that. Embrace change. I think this is what keeps many sisters out of the gym and the reason why they don’t become #firefighters. It sounds crazy, but our hair is our life! You all know what I mean right?

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